About Axton Matrix

Axton Matrix is a broad based infrastructural company specialising in multi disciplinary construction and engineering projects.

Starting out as Hennox 479 CC, we rapidly established our organization as a reliable player in the construction of roads, building and other civil engineering infrastructure. The close corporation started out with two members and currently has three as expansion continues. Of these, two have civil engineering qualifications. The third member specializes in finance.

Many other key staff members also have civil engineering degrees and qualifications. The company employs site managers and other workers with experience in various fields of construction.

Ownership & Corporate Social Responsibility

As a wholly owned black company we are committed to the economic transformation of South Africa.

Axton Matrix provides training programmes for the growth of its employees and carries out social responsibilities in the communities where it implements its projects. All environmental regulations and safety procedures are strictly adhered to in the execution of projects.

The advantages of using Axton Matrix

Reliable service delivery and commitment to sound business principles.

• Management and administration by a dynamic team focused on projects of professional quality.

• Project execution to the highest standards within budget and time constraints.

• Personnel with acquired extensive experience working on different projects in different companies and environments, all with unique challenges.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our clients by:

• Providing an affordable and reliable service

• Offering services of exceptional quality

• Creating and abiding by an image of excellence and credibility

• Establishing a good reputation by successfully completing projects on time

• Maintaining long-term relationships with existing clients and potential clients

• Focusing on excellence, flexibility, professional skills development and productivity

These core values make us highly competitive in the construction industry today.